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May 17, 2020 ....4 min

The Impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on STEM Workers or Professionals

Expanding on the title, this part of the series will assess the lives and livelihoods of STEM workers, how they are coping with the pandemic

May 10, 2020 ....2 min

The Impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on Graduates

Following our what now from our first blog post on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and The Life Sciences Industry, we also posted on the impact on students.

May 3, 2020 ....3 min

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and Students

Following our introductory blog titled “Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and the Life Science Industry” blog. Wenite will begin to demonstrate some of the popular views that have been circulating from our audience and research documented online.