We need a combination of: Fund, Space and Time.

FundFund an eventSpace: Provide AV, Wifi & Food (minimum) for events and video recordingsTime: Coordinate, Host and Mentor our existing programmes. 



The primary objective for organisations in this working relationship will be to support Wenite to champion and deliver our vision, mission and services available on our platform to students, graduates and working professionals. 

With Companies having the employment opportunities we aim to champion, Charities having the budget or resource to support our programmes and associations having members of the groups we aim to reach - this collaborative way of working will be able to scale up special activities/projects.

Collaborative Event:

  • Organisation Hosted: Science/STEM careers focused - Led by the Wenite team 

Wenite can solely lead an event hosted by the Organisation. This collaborative event, will be sponsored by the organisation and as such, the focus will be around innovations, careers or job opportunities available in that organisation or sector e.g. a pharmaceutical company, would have a focused event on the industry, its subsectors, challenges with recruitment, staff retention, available roles and where the copmany stands with the Wenite vision and subsequently, how this collaboration supports that mindset. This approach would be tailored accordingly with recrcuitment copmanies, STEM charities or association led events.

  • Organisation Hosted: Science/STEM careers focused - Supported by the Wenite team

Wenite can be part of an event hosted by the Organisation. This can already have a mixture of panelists or organisations involved. For example, an event where a Company focuses on next generation talent, a showcase of companywide job opportunities or an event where a Charity focuses on the mindset of pushing the agenda of studying and working in STEM. The logistics of how the Wenite team can support your Organisation can be tailored. ​​​

  • Wenite Hosted with an Organisation Venue: Science/STEM careers focused - Led by the Wenite team (ticketed - for students and professionals) 

As with the above, Wenite can lead and host an event, with a venue provided by the Organisation.

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