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Donate to WENITEs activities to provide benefits to students, professionals, networks and organisations in Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) to create a nurturing environment to promote personal and professional development. We do so by connecting the dots in navigating the diverse set of industries, career options and platforms available. Our core aim is to help build leadership, motivate people to fulfil their true career potential, consequently maximizing their contributions to the economy, society, and communities. Although based in the UK, our services will be available globally. Our initial goal is simple, to help 25,000 people by 2025 find and maintain their ideal STEM careers.

We aim to benefit the community by:

  • Offering access to inclusive and diverse services such as peer to peer coaching/support to support career aspirations and professional development needs within STEM sectors and industries
  • Partnering with key organisations to create and connect people in the community to opportunities that could support social mobility through equal access to opportunities and information. Inspiring prospective STEM career professionals to raise their skill-sets and aspirations through
  • Offering a video library of expert and experienced industry professionals/practitioners, who provide knowledge, insights and tips about the STEM sector
  • Organising events to share expertise, knowledge and allow the community to network with like-minded peers and learn from industry experts

The operational costs to deliver these initiatives will be based on volunteering roles and financial support (e.g. grants and donations). The community will be offered these services at no cost unless the need for additional support is required (in which case low cost and affordable options will be available). Your donation will help us continue to run and optimize our services.

Thank you for helping us to achieve our mission.
If you have any questions, please contact us at: