Welcome to Wenite, we can help you to be more productive at navigating and developing your Science career with less effort

We are a social enterprise, consisting of a coalition of professionals with a scientific background.

We provide insights, on the main industries and essential functions in science.

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Wenite is a social enterprise, consisting of a coalition of professionals with a scientific background who have come together to provide a platform to help people to be more productive at navigating and developing their Careers in Science with less effort.

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We provide insights on the main industries and essential functions in science, what’s involved in a career in science and a choice of nearly 50 career profile case studies and growing to help you discover what some jobs within these industries involves and the diverse routes taken. By making these diverse options searchable in one central platform, we believe we can help you find, choose and maintain your ideal career in this dynamic sector.


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The Impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on STEM Workers or Professionals

May 17, 2020

4 min read

The Impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on Graduates.

May 10, 2020

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and Students.

May 3, 2020

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University Lecturer
My students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, carry with them an enormous variety of skills, passions and interests, and study a diverse range of subjects in their time with us. Wenite offers an opportunity for both my students and me to gain awareness of the variety of jobs available to graduating scientists (and beyond!) and an authentic overview of what those careers involve ‘from the horse’s mouth’.


Careers and Enterprise Team
The work that Wenite are doing to make careers in STEM real is amazing. The con- tent they are creating is really making a difference, particularly showing students and graduates that there is a real path toward the careers they are aspiring to. For me, the best part of what Wenite is doing is creating a real-life story of how students and graduates become successful.


I gained a lot from one video. As a student, I often find it hard to find out more about people who are in the careers that I aspire to be in. It covered a range of great topics from education to career journey and every step was covered in sufficient detail. The best part of the video for me was the tips provided at the end. It was great to have active takeaways that I could utilise once I graduate.


Master's Student
Very detailed and helpful insight into the pharmaceutical industry particularly in clin- ical research and trial management, very useful and motivational career advices, which has helped me to be more certain about my career options in clinical opera- tions - I loved the fact that it covered salaries in the industry as this has empowered me and given me confidence to have these conversations with my future recruiters.


Clinical Research Associate
The opportunity to support the Wenite journey by doing a video was amazing. Wen- ite has given a voice to the scientific community of how broad our spectrum truly is. I’ve learned about so many opportunities out there that I wish I knew about whilst at University and it’s given me a chance to come out of my shell to share my experi- ence as a CRA to those who want to learn!


Pharmacy Student
In one word I would describe Wenite as ‘incredible’. I love what they do! The re- sources that they've got out there alone are something really valuable, straight from someone who's already in the sector and has first hand experience. Honestly, I'd pay for that, so I really hope that my appreciation speaks volumes to the team and everyone who gets to read my feedback.

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