To enable access to the most relevant and up to date information related to UK STEM careers environment. To ensure STEM candidates are well prepared for the Science industry and what it has to offer.


To create a community and support network that can help to influence and reshape the science sector at all levels, from secondary school all the way to established professional.

We are striving to achieve our vision and aim via various activities: interactive eventscollaborations with universities/organisations focused on STEM initiatives, peer to peer projects and digitally via social media platforms. Specific, tailored information of value is what we plan to communicate.


Wenite identifies that within science: students, graduates and established professionals are often not well prepared or aware of the various career opportunities available to them. 

Conscious that Science often slips through the net of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) or is often automatically associated with healthcare degrees e.g. medicine/nursing. Wenite aims to improve awareness of science career fields available for those who aspire to be in the ‘S’ part of the STEM and to communicate the value that our science peers bring to the world.  

We Represent the Science in STEM


We Represent STEM in Career Development

We Represent Life after Academia and a Variety of Careers in STEM

We Encourage Unity To Bridge The Gap As a Commuinty

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